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Our team researches and develops bioprocessed plant substances, focused on discovering, developing and commercializing innovative health products and biologics. We work closely with all major „science hubs“ and Universities worldwide, creating collaborations with academic researchers and biotech firms.

Priorities of our research are elaborated therapy-concepts that optimize life quality. System Biologie AG is part of the SWISS BLUEZONES® RESEARCH GROUP that builds a vibrant and exciting community for industry and academia to incubate and accelerate the translation of cutting-edge science into impactful healthcare solutions for patients.

The company System Biologie AG is, as a member of the SWISS BLUEZONES® RESEARCH GROUP, part of the establishment of the Geneometry diagnostic system. This system allows through different specific gene analysis methods, called Geneometrics, totally individual recommendations for an improvement of different health and body functions.

ServicesParalegalUndergraduated AssistensMaster of SciencePostdocSenior PHDAssistant ProfessorProfessor
Research and Development
Organic Synthesis and PeptidesCHF 180.00CHF 250.00CHF 340.00CHF 380.00CHF 480.00CHF 550.00
Analytical Development Services (Method and Validation)CHF 180.00CHF 250.00CHF 340.00CHF 380.00CHF 480.00CHF 550.00
Geneometry and Development of PlatesCHF 450.00CHF 380.00CHF 620.00CHF 750.00
Development Personal Care ProductsCHF 140.00CHF 180.00CHF 340.00CHF 380.00CHF 480.00CHF 550.00
Biohacking and Bioinformatic ServicesCHF 140.00CHF 250.00CHF 340.00CHF 380.00CHF 480.00CHF 550.00
Shapeshifting Organic MoleculesCHF 180.00CHF 250.00CHF 340.00CHF 380.00CHF 480.00CHF 550.00
Drug and Phytoceutical FormulationsCHF 180.00CHF 250.00CHF 450.00CHF 380.00CHF 480.00CHF 750.00
Buildingblocks & Transfer TechnologyCHF 180.00CHF 250.00CHF 340.00CHF 380.00CHF 620.00CHF 550.00
Risk Analysis
Biotech Risk Assessment (Based on ISO 31000)CHF 120.00CHF 150.00CHF 250.00CHF 300.00CHF 380.00CHF 420.00CHF 480.00
Evaluation of Risk AnalvsisCHF 120.00CHF 150.00CHF 250.00CHF 300.00CHF 380.00CHF 420.00CHF 480.00
Risk Analysis for Acquisition of Biotech FirmsCHF 120.00CHF 150.00CHF 250.00CHF 300.00CHF 380.00CHF 420.00CHF 480.00
Clinical Trials
Ethic Protocols and FilingCHF 120.00CHF 140.00CHF 180.00CHF 340.00CHF 380.00CHF 480.00CHF 550.00
Drug and Phytoceutical Trial Protocols (GMP)CHF 140.00CHF 340.00CHF 380.00CHF 480.00CHF 550.00
Patient Recruitment (GMP)CHF 120.00CHF 140.00CHF 140.00
LogisticsCHF 120.00CHF 140.00
Toxicological AssessmentsCHF 140.00CHF 180.00CHF 340.00CHF 380.00CHF 480.00CHF 550.00
Medical and Biotech TranslationsCHF 160.00CHF 190.00CHF 340.00
Leagal Fees
RegulatoryCHF 120.00CHF 180.00CHF 250.00CHF 340.00CHF 380.00CHF 480.00CHF 650.00
ComplianceCHF 120.00CHF 180.00CHF 250.00CHF 340.00CHF 380.00CHF 480.00CHF 650.00
Supplement and Drug RegistrationCHF 120.00CHF 180.00CHF 250.00CHF 380.00CHF 480.00CHF 650.00
Reports and AssessmentCHF 120.00CHF 180.00CHF 250.00CHF 340.00
Certificate of AnalysisCHF 250.00CHF 380.00CHF 480.00CHF 650.00


Sihleggstrasse 23
CH-8832 Wollerau



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